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The Journey is a simple tool, used all around the world, to guide you into your deepest self and release stuck traumas, (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) so that you can heal at the core level of your being.  This frees you from unconscious triggers and helps you identify unhealthy beliefs that have been sabotaging your life.

We all have limiting beliefs caused by traumatic events that have left us scared and hurt. These events can impact the way we see and operate in the world around us.  They can impact our ability to have a healthy relationship, heal our bodies, be successful at work or be happy in life.  Most of the time these beliefs were “programed” into our subconscious at a very young age, when we didn’t have the cognitive ability to know that they were’t true.  And there they grow like weeds causing all kinds of problems in our later life.  These weeds leave us wondering, why did we reacted that way, self sabotaged our good, or believe we aren’t good enough or lovable?

The issues I’ve helped people address: addiction, cancer, abuses of all nature, fertility issues, depression/ anxiety, chronic pain and many more. The secret of the Journey is the participants ability to reach a level of understanding and forgiveness allowing healing to take place on a cellular level.

During a Journey Process we sit together while I guide you into a meditative space where I assist you in uncovering your stored trauma and limiting beliefs.  You stay completely conscious and aware as an active participant in your own healing.  We work together to reach deeper understanding and forgiveness.

The Journey has been instrumental in my own personal healing and emotional well being.  I’ve been able to transcend deep emotional wounds that have prevented me from being happy for years.  I use to always pick the wrong relationships, think very poorly of myself and struggle with  life in general.  However, I now have a greater degree of self awareness and capacity for understanding and compassion than ever before.  I approach every process I do now with curiosity of how this will positively impact my life and what baggage will I leave behind!  I feel like I’m more in touch with my Authentic Self and at Peace with the world around me.

I look forward to assisting you on your Journey and to meeting the Real You!

For more information please visit www.thejourneyna.com