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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, like CranioSacral Therapy, is a very light touch modality.

This gentle movement works with the lymph's natural rhythm and direction of lymph fluid. Lymph is the clean up system of the body and it’s primary work is to support your health and immunity. Recommended for edema reduction, detoxification, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia lymph is also helpful before and after surgery to aid in healing and reducing swelling. Draining the areas around breast tissue can support breast health and aid in healing when surgical interventions are needed. 

When muscles are tight the lymphatic system is often restricted too.  This back up of fluid means that fresh nutrient aren’t making it to the muscles and that the old metabolic waste isn’t being carried a way.

Lymphatic Drainage is quite relaxing and rhythmic causing the nervous system to calm and a sense of well-being to take place.  Lymph work can be done as a stand alone or integrated into a massage.

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