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Melt is a self treatment technique designed to help you get out of and stay out of pain in as little as 10 minutes a day! Using small balls & a foam roller with specific techniques, melt rehydrates your connective tissue getting rid of accumulated stuck stress in your body that causes you pain and discomfort.

Daily living causes stress to build up in our bodies.  We sit too long at work, do to many repetitive actions, have consistent emotional or mental stress, feel overwhelmed and have tension in our bodies, work out to hard, carry our kids…The list is endless, life is stressful!

Nicole and founder Sue HitzmannAs stuck stress accumulates over time, our bodies ability to adapt becomes compromised. So what does that look like?  We start having aches and pains, difficulty falling and staying asleep, digestion issues occur, it’s harder for us to loose weight, we get headaches more often, we are tired in the middle of the day, visible signs of aging and cellulite show up on our bodies! Sound familiar??

As the stuck stress continues to be stored in our bodies, one day we bend over to pick up a pen and BOOM our back goes out and we can’t move! Our bodies have reached our stress capacity and can no longer compensate. And though it seemed like it came out of the blue, after all we just tried to picked up a pen, the signs have been there- we just didn’t know it was all connected.

Fortunately there’s Melt!  Melt helps rehydrate your connective tissue, which is where stuck stress loves to live.  Melting rebalances the nervous system, helping you to restore your bodies natural healing mechanisms while helping your body release tension and pain.  Melt also teaches you how to get in touch with your bodies pre pain signals so that you can realize when stuck stress is accumulating and head it off at the pass, thus keeping you pain free and functioning on a more optimal level!

Melt isn’t just for people with pain, it’s for anyone who want’s to feel better and operate more efficiently. Get better results working out, look younger and healthier, and combat the activities of daily living that bog down our bodies and nervous systems.  

I use melt daily to alleviate the physical stress of a highly repetitive job and home life.  I have less joint and muscle pain, headaches, I sleep better have more energy and look younger!! 

I look forward to helping you become your own Hands off bodyworker tm, getting you into your body so you can get out of pain!!

Happy Melting,


See class schedule or schedule your own private session to get in your body and get out of pain today.  Rollers and balls available for purchase. Or order here **(Link to my store)**

Melt has been featured on Dr. Oz, the Rachael Ray Show, and Live with Regis and Kelly, as well as in SELF, More, Prevention, and other magazines.